Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glass Front Vending Machines from Planet Antares-Operator Friendly

Vending industry has been in existence for quite sometime now. In fact this industry has been through a long and rigorous journey before reaching its present state. As part of this journey, several models of vending machines have been designed and introduced into the market. To begin with Drop shelf machines were first introduced solely for the purpose of selling single products. This was later followed by Electronic drop shelf machines and glass front vending machines.

The drawbacks in earlier models were rectified and new models were developed. Thus a range of vending machines have been introduced into the market. However, no other vending machine model gained as much popularity as glass front vending machines. These machines have huge benefits when compared to the typical closed ones. Some of these benefits have been stated below:

• Glass front vending machines from Planet Antares are capable of generating more sales when compared to closed ones. The main reason being, customers can view the products they are about to purchase. This can stimulate impulsive buying.

• Glass front machines come with attractive features like LED illuminated motor, pull forward trays and refrigeration units.

• These machines are capable of selling more products in smaller shelf space when compared to the traditional drop shelf machines.

• There is more scope for customer interaction in glass front vending machine when compared to closed ones.

• Glass front vending machines come with advanced technology like electronic tracking. This prevents unnecessary wastage of stock.

• Customers have a wide variety of items to choose from.

• Glass front vending machines are best suited for vending branded products.

Besides these, operator also gets benefited from the use of these machines. First of all operator can market more products in lesser shelf space, reduce promotional costs by vending branded products and identify products that have crossed expiry dates. Not only this, operator can easily identify slow moving products and replace them products that have high demand.

All these reasons make them highly popular.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Importance of Dispensing Branded Items in Planet Antares Vending Machines

With competition intensifying in vending business, it is imperative for an operator to create a unique position both among competitors and customers. How is this possible? Branding can make this possible. The typical definition of brand goes this way: Brand is a “name, sign, symbol or design or a combination of these intended to identify goods or services of one seller from those of the other. A good brand is successful in motivating customers, creating customer loyalty, gives clear message about the product and gains credibility.

The impact of brand on customers cannot be ignored. With international recognition and wider reach, sales of branded products are much easier. Wondering how? These products are renowned across the globe hence they get sold easily and most importantly operators need not take up any special promotional activities for enhancing their sales. Since these products are easily recognised by customers, they will automatically purchase them. However, glass front vending machines would be appropriate for vending these kinds of products.

If earning huge profits is your main motive, it can be made possible by dispensing branded products. What else is effective rather than stocking right machine with right products and installing them in the right location? It is easy to sell branded products as most customers prefer branded products since they are faster and cheaper. If you are selling unbranded products alone, you need to take up some promotional activities to boost your sales. So, a smart vending operator would offer both branded and unbranded products together.

Planet Antares Vending operators should bear one thing in mind. Try to find the best supplier who can offer you best supplies. The products offered for sale should match the location in which the machine is placed. A proper balance of branded and unbranded products is always beneficial. All this if followed properly will yield high returns.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Benefits of Taking up Planet Antares Vending Business

Since the time it was introduced, vending has been successful in winning the hearts of both operators and customers. The main reason behind its growing popularity is the quality of service these machines render. Besides offering instant services to its customers, vending machines also meet customer requirements by providing them with latest products available in the market.

It is not exaggeration to state that vending machines have numerous benefits associated with it. Some of these benefits are stated below:

• Instant cash flow: This is one of the few businesses that generate revenue right form the moment you place your machine. One of the main benefits of vending business is that your cash flow starts from day one.

• Complete cash business: This is an all cash business which means that there is no scope for bad debts and collection issues.

• Flexible working hours: Another amazing benefit is that regardless of what you do during the day, your machine works for you 24/7. As your machine takes care of sales, you need not worry about their supervision, training or motivation.

• High return on investment: The main purpose of any investment is to make money. This business provides you with high profit margins and greater return on investment. What else would you look for as an investor?

• Perfect business opportunity: No boss, No set working hours, No employees, No paper work and No territory limitations. Is this not interesting?

• Part time or full time: This business gives you the unique advantage of continuing with your main occupation and take up vending as a part time activity. In this way, you would be able to make additional income. However, if this work out well, then you can take up this business on a full time basis.

• No employee issues: You need not worry about recruiting, training and supervising sales staff as this business does not require any employees. Your machines are your sales force that does not require any supervision.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Planet Antares Vending Business Dream of Every Entrepreneur

If you are looking at a business model that lets you be your own boss, gives complete freedom in terms of operation, guarantees regular income, does not ask for specific skills and most importantly does not require huge investment. Wondering which business we are talking about. It is none other than Planet Antares vending.

Once you are convinced with this business, starting it is quite simple. Just few cautious moves along with careful planning can give you huge success. Unlike other business opportunities, vending is also influenced by certain factors. The role played by some of these factors is mentioned below:

Financial limitations are one of the deciding factors in setting up a business model. When it comes to purchase of a vending machine, operators can either go for new machines of reputed companies or can hire an existing one. Many operators prefer purchasing a used machine or hire an existing one due to financial constraints. But one advice to these people is that a used machine would create lot of problems and expense incurred on regular repairs to this machine would definitely cost you more than what you would otherwise invest in a new machine.

Location is very powerful factor that can even dictate the success or failure of your business. Every operator dreams of placing his/her machine in those areas where there is high customer traffic. However the choice of finalising location rests completely in the hand of an operator. But before finalising it, operator needs to believe that he would enjoy low maintenance costs and high returns in that particular locality.

The kind of product you offer would also influence the success of your business. Operators need to conduct a thorough market research and identify products with consistent demand or try to dispense latest products that hit the market. Either of these would help in boosting your sales. The last and most crucial step in vending is customer service and proper maintenance of vending machines. These simple facts if adhered to can make vending a great success.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is Expected From In a Vending Machine?

Vending industry is exploring several new business avenues thus spreading its wings across the globe. Since its inception there was no looking back for this industry and it has also been successful in providing employment opportunities to several new an upcoming entrepreneurs.

These machines have so far been successful in meeting the requirements of their customers and thus satisfy their needs. Starting a vending business is very simple and easy. All you need is a little bit of market research to keep your self updated with what is happening in this industry. New versions of vending machines and products are emerging as a result of technological advancement.

Selection of right kind of vending machine is the deciding factor in this business. What is that you need to look for in a vending machine before you purchase one? This is what is discussed below:

• How powerful and efficient the machine is? A strong and powerful vending machine will perform efficiently without any break downs.
• How attractive the machine is? An attractive design and appealing looks will catch people’s attention and create an urge in buying the product. Planet Antares machines are said to be the most attractive and robust machines.
• Does the machine have latest features? Latest features help in increasing performance efficiency and provide better customer service.
• How flexible the machine is? A flexible machine would be able to handle multi products thereby increase the efficiency.
• Does the machine have low operational costs? Low operations costs would mean more revenue for the operator.
• Does it come with inbuilt security features? Security features are mandatory not only from operator’s perspective but are also required to safeguard the interests of customers.
• Does it belong to an established brand? Always vending machines of established brands should be preferred. These brands have been existent in the market for quite sometime and have proved their working efficiency.
• Is it a new machine? It is always advisable to purchase a new vending machine as it has long life span and comes with a warranty.

The answers to these simple questions help you in choosing the right kind of machine.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Significance of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Needs in Vending Business

Vending is purely a customer oriented business. In order to sustain competition and succeed in this industry, vending operators need to realise the needs of their target customers. There are several products and services available in the market but there is no point in offering a product which the customer is least interested in. Since vending is a instinct based business, the kind of product you offer should be able to draw the attention of the customer and force him to purchase one.

Customer feedback should also be collected at regular intervals of time. This would help you to make few changes in the kind of product you offer to them. Understanding their requirements and living up to their expectations becomes very important. One way of doing this is by proving the location with a state of art machine that is capable of vending a wide range of products. The other methods which an operator can adopt are mentioned below:

• Suggestion box: Place a suggestion box near the machine. Customer feed back related to the products you vend and service you provide can be gathered using this.

• Survey: Random surveys need to be conducted on a timely basis. This helps in understanding changing tastes and preferences of customers.

• Regular monitoring: Regular monitoring of products vended helps you assess the most fast moving one and also the ones with least demand. Slowly you can replace slow moving ones with those that have maximum demand.

• Data: There are few vending manufacturing companies that supply you with customer preference data. This helps you know which product has maximum demand.

An operator needs to ask him one question. What is that you as a customer would expect? The answer to this question would help you in making your business a huge success. The key reason behind switching over to vending business is convenience, quality, price and hygiene. All these aspects if taken care of would definitely make your business a big success. For more information, Planet Antares guidelines would come handy.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Future Of Vending

In today’s fast moving business world vending has been able to create a unique position for itself by identifying a new enlarged market since most customers struggle to find sufficient time to meet their day to day commitments. Strange but true, this also includes activities like eating and drinking. These situations have lead to enormous growth of confectionery and soft drinks industry.

Vending business has been able to enjoy overwhelming popularity and success for many years now. The main reason being the ability to offer wide variety of products exclusively designed keeping in mind target audience tastes and preferences. Nowadays there is absolutely no single product that cannot be dispensed using a vending machine. Right from iPod to car tires, almost all kinds of products can be dispensed at the click of a single button.

It might be quite surprising to note that though vending machines have been established across the globe, these machines have gained huge acceptance and popularity in US. This industry has been able to successfully trade more than few millions of amount on a day to day basis. They make customers feel that they are entitled to something that’s made just for them.

This industry is sure to have a very bright future as more and more machines are being installed across the globe. These machines are also being used various purposes. For instance: since year 2005, more than 700 coin operated hair straightening irons have been installed in women’s restrooms in UK. But in spite of all these products that are being offered, the popular vending opportunity lies in digital media. US based company offers kiosks that even allow customers to burn music and movies.

With times to come, we are sure that vending machines would be able to offer all kinds of products and services.

IF you are looking to start your own vending business, get in touch with Planet Antares, the most reputed vending machines manufacturing company in US. They can guide you through all the ins and outs of the business.

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